Freelance WordPress Developer Salary – What Is It? And How Much Does The Average Developer Make

WordPress developers are in high demand

It’s no secret that WordPress development has become one of the most in-demand skills in the market. WordPress is an easy-to-use, widely adopted platform for building websites and blogs. It also powers many popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

It means WordPress developers are in high demand and can charge a premium for their services. But how much money do freelance WordPress developers make on average? We will explore this question below.

wordpress developer salary

What is a WordPress Developer

In short, they are the people that build and maintain your website. They have experience in both front-end development and back-end coding, which means you can be sure to find one who specializes in what concerns YOU – not just their skill set.

A WordPress developer can work on:

WordPress projects (from minor customizations to large-scale e-commerce websites) and for clients of all types, from individuals and SMBs to agencies.

They are responsible for designing the front-end parts of a website or web application such as templates, forms, buttons, etc., their usability, and how they interact with other components like the back end. They also design what goes inside these pages, including text content, images, videos, etc. It looks good and works well across different devices—desktop computers/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones alike.

How much do they make per year

Salary for WordPress developers varies greatly depending on the company you are working with, your location, and your education.

Typically, however, they can earn anywhere from $30-60k per year in an entry-level position to upwards of six figures if you have a lot of experience under your belt. And due to their high demand, WordPress developer salary is trending up over time!

So what’s it like being a WordPress developer? Here’s some insight into day-to-day life: “Work often consists of researching new technologies, attending meetups/conferences, testing/building plugins or themes (or both), designing websites using HTML/CSS/JS (and wireframing tools like Balsamiq) and then testing them in a local WordPress installation.”

Salary breakdown for the average developer vs. a senior WordPress developer

Here are some WordPress developer salary statistics to give you a better idea of the average WordPress developer’s yearly earnings:

Entry-Level Developers

Typically earn around $30-40k in the US per year after graduating from college or university. However, it can be as low as just over minimum wage for junior developers in some markets depending on how much competition there is to hire talented staff and so forth. Less knowledge of WordPress is due to lack of experience; however, learning more about WordPress development can quickly change.

Mid Range WordPress Developer Salary

In mid-range positions, you’ll see salaries starting at around $50-$60k but going up into the six figures if you are working with larger companies that need dedicated WordPress developers who don’t have to split their time among other WordPress projects.

Senior WordPress Developer Salary

Senior WordPress developer salaries range from $60-$80k in the US for mid-level positions to upwards of six figures for big-name companies that can afford to pay this much for WordPress development. These developers tend not to work alone but rather with a team where there is always someone else who can help them when needed. Their responsibility tends to be more about leading teams than doing all the coding by themselves though they will still get their hands dirty most days 🙂

WordPress Freelancers vs. WordPress Employees What does it mean? And how much do WordPress developers make working for an agency vs. freelancing?

Here are some WordPress developer salary statistics to give you a better idea of WordPress developers’ yearly earnings:

Freelance WordPress Developer Salary

WordPress freelancers typically earn $40-$80 per hour, depending on their skill level and time spent working with WordPress. Some can even go as high as $200+ per hour for highly specialized projects though this is rarer than the lower end rates (and requires more experience). Their speed will also depend on how much competition there is in your area and the skills that differentiate them from other freelance WordPress devs. However, it’s essential to make sure you are comparing apples-for-apples when looking at WordPress developer hourly rates, as location plays a big part in WordPress developer salary.

WordPress Developer Salary Working For An Agency

Salaries for WordPress developers working with agencies can be much higher than freelancing – which is why many WordPress devs choose to work this way! They may earn anywhere from $50 to $150+ per hour depending on their skill level, experience, and the time of year (freelancers are usually busier during peak times like summer). Like freelance WordPress dev salary, it will also depend on what skills they have that set them apart and how much competition there is within your area. These rates do vary quite a bit by location, though, so keep an eye out on local job postings or forums where you’ll find talking about WordPress development to see what WordPress devs are charging in your area.

As you can see from the WordPress developer salary statistics, it depends on some variables that go into WordPress developers’ yearly earnings – how much experience they have with WordPress and other programming languages is essential and their location due to cost. Of living differences around the world! It also helps if you specialize in specific skills like eCommerce development or WooCommerce, for example, since this will make a big difference when applying for positions locally and globally.

In Conclusion

WordPress developers are in high demand and can charge a premium for their services. If you’re looking to build your website or blog, finding the right developer is essential! With such a large pool of qualified professionals available, it’s easier than ever to find someone that will meet all of your needs. Whether you need help creating an eCommerce site with WooCommerce integration or want basic hosting set up on your domain name, we have something for everyone.

Our team has been designing and developing websites since 2008, and our specialty is helping people like you get started online without breaking the bank. To learn more about how we can serve you, don’t hesitate to contact us today at info@digibloggerworld.com.

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