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Social Media Impacts ROI with Influencer Marketing Statistics

How it affects your business

It’s no secret influencer marketing is a hot topic in the social media world. But did you know influencer marketing can impact your ROI? We’ll show you influencer marketing ROI statistics and how it affects your business.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. Influencers are social media influencers, bloggers, or even celebrities who have an audience on their accounts. Influencer marketing campaigns can target them to promote your product for you.

How Can Influencer Marketing Impact ROI?

The statistics around influencer marketing and its impact on ROI speak volumes about influencers’ value to brands. For example, over 72% of marketers agree that influencer content drives more engagement than brand-created content (Adweek). Celebrities also go significant traffic back to websites, with 31% of consumers saying they purchase products recommended by them (Forbes). Brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Audi, IBM are also influencers in influencer marketing.

How Can Brands Add Influencers to Their Marketing Strategy?

Influencer marketing isn’t just about finding influencers who have a large social media following or reach on their blog. They need to be the right fit for your brand and product before you consider them an influencer. You can start by identifying these influencers using tools like Traackr, Klear, or BuzzSumo to help you find relevant influencers based on keywords related to your business. Once identified, brands can use this information as part of their strategy to move customers down the purchase funnel through referrals from trusted sources (influential people). Marketers must create custom influencer marketing campaigns that will help influencers spread their brand message.

The ROI of using influencers to market your brand or product is high

Influencers who market their brand generate up to 11 times the ROI (Adweek). Brands should plan before adding influencers into the mix to measure and track their effectiveness as with all influencer campaigns. It’s also essential to understand influencer marketing statistics around ROI and influencers’ value to your brand.

As social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that many people turn to the internet for content inspiration. Influencers provide a unique opportunity to engage viewers and build brand awareness by featuring their work on your page or blog post.

There’s something here for everyone, from YouTube creators who post weekly videos about beauty tips they’ve learned from living as both genders all day every day to those just starting.

If you are looking at influencer marketing for this year, or even if it’s more of a long-term play– there is something out there that will be right up your alley! Here are the top influencers on each significant platform today:

Twitter Influencers

  • @cosmopolitan – offers beauty tips and tricks and feminine style advice to their audience who follows them with over 11 million followers on Twitter alone. With an average of nearly 100k retweets per tweet sent out by Cosmo, they offer plenty of exposure potential to any brand interested in working together through influencer marketing efforts via this popular social media site.

Instagram Influencers

  • @littlemissmatched – has garnered over 400,000 influencers on this platform alone. This influencer is excellent for posts related to fashion and lifestyle tips with an emphasis on style– perfect if your brand fits in more of the home décor or food industry niches.
  • @thestyleswagger – has accumulated over 560,000 influencers through Instagram’s growth period. With a targeted audience that focuses primarily on fashion, they are great at integrating product placements into their content which can be used by brands looking at influencer marketing efforts here as well!

Facebook Influencers

  • @ladygaga – As one of the most famous artists today, Lady Gaga boasts impressive Facebook stats with nearly 150 million followers who check her page frequently for updates about new music, events, and individual posts to the singer’s fans. If your influencer marketing campaign is looking for an audience that includes a large number of people who are already familiar with you — Lady Gaga might be one influencer to consider reaching out through Facebook!
  • @lilmonstercat – has amassed nearly 150 million followers on this social media site, making them another good influencer option if your target market is more youth-oriented in terms of age or interests. Working together could help boost future content related to breaking bands, which is ideal for brands involved in industry niches where new talent discovery can benefit from getting noticed by the right influencers through sponsored influencer marketing campaigns.

Pinterest Influencers

  • @the_mod_diary – isn’t just limited to Instagram or any other single platform when it comes to doing influencer marketing work together. This particular influencer offers up their content across several social media sites, including Pinterest, with over 100 million influencers. With a focus that centers around the home and fashion tips, this influencer might be one to consider reaching out through influencer marketing channels like these.
  • @housebeautiful – is another influencer with nearly 100 million followers across several social media platforms where they share their content related to lifestyle and design ideas. This particular influencer offers some impressive stats behind why they’re so popular today via the number of people who follow them on sites such as Facebook, making it an ideal option for any brand looking at working together with influencers from various niches here well.

Youtube Influencers

  • Smosh – has been gaining momentum online since 2005 when Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla started putting out their videos focusing on comedy. In 2015 they were the most subscribed influencer channel in YouTube’s history, boasting over 25 million subscribers today! With this many people checking into their page regularly to see what kinds of content is being put out by Smosh, influencer marketing efforts here can pay off for brands looking at engaging influencers from any industry niche within this category!
  • iHasCupquake – has amassed nearly 12 million followers across all her social media profiles combined. It is an ideal option for influencer marketing campaigns focusing on reaching out to Youtube influencers. This influencer provides impressive stats behind why she is so prevalent online via other sites like Twitter. She does much more than share influencer marketing sponsored posts!
  • @pewdiepie is another famous influencer who provides content across several different social media platforms. With over 50 million subscribers, this influencer is ideal for brands looking for engaging influencers who can help promote their brand through various niches found under influencer marketing channels like these.

Examples of successful campaigns by brands and their influencers

Here are examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have been successful in the past.


Aussie brand, Wippette, worked with influencers to create content around their new targeted shampoo range for kids and shared it on Instagram. The influencers did a great job of producing high-quality videos and images that were educational about hair care and visually appealing to attract people’s attention. As a result, they saw an increase from 24k followers before partnering up with influencers to 53K after the campaign had ended, which is a 132% increase! 


Another example by Dove has seen them partner up with influencer Christine Andrew. He was already famous at 171k followers on her platform but gained another 130k while working collaboratively through this influencer marketing campaign. 

In addition to increasing the brand’s reach and awareness, these influencers helped build a community of Dove hair care products users, allowing them to interact directly through comments and posts on Instagram, a powerful tool for promoting your business.

From these examples, we can see that influencer marketing has the power to impact ROI.

In Conclusion

We’re not just another marketing company. At The Marketing Company, we work with you to develop an integrated plan that considers your business goals and objectives before diving into influencer marketing tactics. If you are interested in learning more about how neuroscience can impact your ROI or want help creating a strategy for leveraging this powerful tactic, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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