How Much Does a WordPress Developer Earn in the United States

WordPress developer salary in the USA ranges from $45,000

WordPress is a popular platform that many website owners and bloggers use to create their online presence.

The WordPress developer salary has been steadily increasing since WordPress first launched in 2003, but how much does the WordPress developer earn now? In this blog post, we will talk about WordPress jobs and WordPress salaries so you can decide if it’s worth becoming a WordPress developer.

wordpress jobs
WordPress Jobs

No other CMS comes close to its popularity. So WordPress developer salaries should be higher than average software developer salaries in the US, though not as high as web designer salaries.

WordPress development can be a lucrative business for any freelancer or lead generation company that takes on WordPress projects from small businesses worldwide looking to have an online presence.

WordPress’ current market share of over 30% means it will continue to be a dominant force online for many years. Therefore, WordPress developer salaries should remain relatively stable globally, with only minor increases expected by 2020. However, word press’s lead on competition is still huge, and by 2020, WordPress could still command 35% of all websites online.

You can hire a WordPress developer to work remotely or in-house.

Most WordPress developers work from home, while other press developers go remote and have a virtual office.

In-house word press developer salary is typically higher than working remotely. Still, it depends on your location because the cost of living varies significantly around the US. For example, WordPress jobs pay less in Detroit than in New York City, where there is more competition among WordPress companies hiring new WordPress graduates or experienced freelancers. So depending on your location, an average WordPress developer could make between $45k-$80k annually, which should be enough if they learn not to spend their money foolishly, especially during the first-word press developer salary years.

A new WordPress boot camp or coding academy graduate in a developing country with a small WordPress market may be paid as little as $25/hour. More and more people opt for free online coding courses like Udemy instead of wasting time on useless computer science degrees that only increase student loan debt.

A remote developer’s salary ranges from $50,000-$100,000 per year.

The WordPress developer’s salary ranges from $50,000 to over a one hundred thousand dollar WordPress job pay if you are an experienced word press programmer. You can expect to make much less when starting your WordPress career. Still, with tens of millions of new websites built using content management systems like WordPress by 2020, demand for qualified WordPress developers will skyrocket.

WordPress salaries vary greatly depending on experience and geography (what city or country). The average US-based WordPress developer makes between $50,000 to $75,000 a year.

Remote word press developers usually make less than in-house WordPress developer salaries. Still, it all depends on the experience and WordPress marketplace you work with because there’s a big difference between hiring a WordPress outsourcing company from the Philippines and a managed WordPress team based in New York City, for example.

An in-house developer can earn an average of $60,000-$80,000 per year, while a word press freelancer can make $25-$50 an hour.

WordPress developer salary in the USA ranges from $45,000 to over six figures depending on experience and location (city). If you search for WordPress jobs online, you’ll find more freelance work than full-time work because most companies hire temporary WordPress help or interns rather than hiring new WordPress graduates. Not bad if it helps them save money on their HR department, especially when the economy is terrible lately. They can save money by working with experienced WordPress programmers/developers who already know how the company runs, or even better, by using remote workers who can work from home in most cases.

Word press outsourcing companies usually hire WordPress programmers/developers part-time, which means they have limited word press developer availability. Most hiring managers do this because it’s difficult to find experienced WordPress developers willing to relocate out of state or country without a relocation assistance package, which could save them thousands of dollars compared to local WordPress programming salaries. Therefore it all comes down to how much money you earn as a word press programmer depends entirely on your education level, previous experience working with existing clients, and what type of projects do you specialize in (web design vs. web).

The cost for a one-hour training session with a freelance WordPress developer starts at about $40, depending on the WordPress marketspace.

WordPress developer salary in the USA ranges from $45,000 to over six figures depending on experience and location (city). Most outsourcing WordPress companies prefer working with freelancers with many existing website portfolio examples that showcase their work.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. WordPress is a great platform to use for your website. It’s easy to learn how to use and has so many helpful tools built in that can save you time when creating or updating content on your site. If you are thinking about using WordPress for the first time, take some of my advice above into consideration before diving in!

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