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If you’re a content marketing manager, how much money do you make? That’s a question that many content marketers want to know the answer to. Some content marketers are making over $100,000 per year. If you’re looking for content marketing manager salary information, then this is the post for you. We’ll discuss what content marketing managers typically make and some of their responsibilities.

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What is content marketing

Content marketing is an innovative way to generate high-quality leads and sales. The goal of content is not only for people outside your company but also those within the industry, such as potential customers or clients who may need information about what you do best to decide whether they want more interaction with this product/service that interests them far.

It’s getting harder and harder to find something entertaining before bedtime that does more than occupying our time, let alone provide enjoyment while accomplishing something worthwhile.

How does it work

The content marketing process is very similar to the traditional methods of promoting a product or service. Still, content marketers take it one step further by providing content that educates and entertains. More specifically, content marketing works in four main stages:


Identify where your target audience gathers information about your industry.

Generate Content

Create content that addresses their specific needs at each buying cycle stage (awareness, interest, consideration). Along with creating quality content, you’ll need to distribute it via popular channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Measure Campaign Performed

Measure how well this campaign has performed against goals through analytics tools like Google Analytics. The last thing most business owners want is going viral with something off-base in content. Or worse, they write something that doesn’t help the consumer solve a problem or accomplish anything at all, which is why content marketers focus on creating content around what their customers want rather than just pushing out any old thing to get attention.

Why do I need to hire a Content Marketing Manager

It’s tough being in charge of all aspects of content marketing. You’re constantly juggling different deadlines, producing high-quality work on deadline with limited resources and time constraints; it takes a lot out of you. But don’t worry – when I first started at my company as a manager, there were days where things just came flooding together without much effort or creativity put into how they looked because we had too many demands for our services already established by clients who know what their goals are and how they needed content marketing to help them achieve those goals.

You can’t just throw something out there.

It’s not enough to throw something out there and hopes it works. That’s why content marketers spend so much time focusing on what works best for their audience rather than writing an article that will be clickbait or writing a headline with poor grammar to get more attention.

You can’t just create content around what your company does.

Knowing the ins and outs of content marketing, I’ve learned that you can’t just create content about your company or on the fly without doing extensive research first. If you don’t hire a content marketer who knows how to do their job correctly, be prepared for the negative press as consumers become more aware of companies’ attempts to trick them into buying something they don’t want.

What are the responsibilities of a Content Marketing Manager

The content marketing manager’s job is to oversee all content created, whether in text, video, or infographics. It means they are responsible for ensuring quality content by setting deadlines and giving clear instructions on what needs to go into each article to get published without much issue when ready. It also entails them staying up-to-date with trends in their industry and identifying new opportunities to implement content marketing strategies that help companies grow based on consumer demands.

The content marketer manages the process rather than just throwing content out there and hoping consumers find value in it. It’s especially true if you want long-term success for your company. As content marketers, it’s our job to help companies become the best they can be through content that helps consumers solve problems or accomplish things within their industry.

When you hire a content marketer for your company, this is what you should expect from them:

  • Maintain deadlines and publish content on time.
  • Stay up-to-date with trends in their industry and identify new opportunities to implement content marketing strategies that help companies grow based on consumer demands.

You shouldn’t have any issues hiring someone who knows how content marketing works – but if you find yourself thinking, “I don’t need to hire anyone,” then beware of increased negative attention down the road because there definitely will be.

The average salary for a Content Marketing Manager

The content marketing manager’s salary is $75,000 per year on average – but the content marketer’s salary range varies depending on experience. It’s because you can do content marketing anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection available, making it easy for content marketers to work remotely or through an office space.

Experienced content marketers make more money than newbies because they often need less supervision and know what needs doing without additional pressure from those above them in the company hierarchy structure.

In addition, some content marketers may also receive bonuses each month based on how much revenue has been made by consumers using whatever they wrote information about these articles/blog posts created throughout the content marketing campaign. So if you’re wondering what a content marketer’s salary looks like, then this is it.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to make a living as an online content marketer, this might be the right career path for you. With so many opportunities out there and so much change happening in digital marketing every day, it’s easy to find success. And if making over $100k per year sounds like something that interests you, don’t hesitate! It doesn’t take long before your hard work pays off, and you can have all of these benefits too. Are any of these reasons why being a content marketer could be good for your future?

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